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United Kingdom
Cherry Red

United States
Dusty Groove


  1. Emotion (1973)
  2. He Did Me Wrong, But He Did It Right (1975)
  3. Sending My Good Thoughts To You (1975)
  4. Get Along, Handsome (1972)
  5. This Isnít An Ordinary Love Song (1972)
  6. Without Love (1976)
  7. And I Never Did (1972)
  8. Changing Minds (1976)
  9. Give Him Time (1973)
  10. Ollabelle And Slim (1972)
  11. Cleveland Snow (1973)
  12. Comfortable (1972)
  13. Wait Like A Lady 1972)
  14. For Everybodyís Sake (1973)
  15. Iím Letting Go (1972)
  16. Innate (1973)
  17. One Afternoon (1976)
  18. Rider (1972)
  19. The Way I Am (1973)
  20. What If (1972)

Compilation and notes by Mick Patrick

Taken from the Albums:


Produced and Arranged by Toxey French. String Quartet and Background Vocals Arranged by Michael Omartian. Guitar/Leader: Ben Benay. Keyboards: Michael Omartian, Jerry Peters. Drums: Joel OíBrien, Gene Pello, Toxey French. Bass: Jerry Scheff, Jack Conrad. Congas: King Errison. Tenor Sax: Jim Horn. Strings: Tibor Zellig, Harry Hyams, Jesse Ehrlich. Concertmaster: Sid Sharp. Background Vocals: Billie Barnum, Julia Tillman, Oma Drake. Photography: Ed Caraeff. Art Direction and Design: Virginia Clark.

THE WAY I AM, 20TH Century T421, 1973

Produced by Michael J Jackson and Michael Omartian. Guitars: Larry Carlton, Dean Parks, Ned Doheny, David Spinoza, David Lindley. Keyboards: Michael Omartian, Craig Doerge, David Spinoza, Michael Utley. Drums: Jim Gordon, Gary Mallaber. Congas: Jim Gordon. Bass: Jack Conrad, Bryan Garafalo, Leland Sklar. Sax, Flutes, Clarinets: Tom Scott. Flugelhorn and Flute Arranged by: Clarence McDonald. Strings Arranged by: Michael Omartian, David Campbell, Norman Kurban. Background Vocals: Patti Dahlstrom, Don Dunn. Photography: Ed Caraeff. Design: David Larkham and Michael Ross for Tepee Graphics.

YOUR PLACE OR MINE, 20TH Century T461, 1975

Produced by Jack Conrad and Bill Schnee. Guitars: Dean Parks, Al Staehely, Art Munson, Freddy Tackett, Steve Cropper, Jay Grayson, Al Casey. Keyboards: Larry Knechtel, Michael Utley, Andy Cahan, George Clinton. Drums: David Kemper, Gary Mallaber, Jim Keltner. Bass: Jack Conrad, David Hungate, Klaus Voorman. Banjo, Fiddle, Slide: David Lindley. Accordion: Nick DeCaro. Horns: Jim Horn, Chuck Findley, Jackie Kelso, Lon Van Eaton. Flute: Jim Horn. Percussion: Steve Foreman, Milt Holland. Strings Arranged by: Jimmy Haskell, David Foster. Concertmaster: Sid Sharp. Background Vocals: Patti Dahlstrom, Don Dunn, Ray Kennedy, Chuck Higgens. Horns Arranged by Jim Horn. Photography: Buddy Rosenberg, Bob Levy. Art Direction: Queens Graphics.

LIVINí IT THRU, 20TH Century T521, 1976

Produced by Larry Knechtel. Cast: Mike Baird, Ben Benay, Gary Coleman, Jack Conrad, Jay Cooper, Michael Deasy, Daryl Dragon, Don Dunn, Chuck Findley, Bernie Grundman, Jimmie Haskell, Duitch Helmer, Jim Horn, Jackie Kelso, Larry Knechtel, Shelly Knechtel, Jeff Porcaro, Russ Regan, Jerry Scheff, Norman Seeff, Sid Sharp etc, Bob Siller, Melissa Tennille, Toni Tennille, Gary Ulmer.